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The Corpus Callossum Chronicles
Bridging the gap between imagination and logic with story, myth and poem.

Soul Summoning

The Corpus Calossum Chronicles is my weekly newsletter where I invite you to stand up to the tyranny of logic through a deep dive into image to rebalance the brain's hemispheres and create a harmonious world. Sign up for a weekly dose of grounded magic that will enchant your senses and stimulate dormant memories of days when you knew you were a volcano, a flying fish, a yellow-eyed owl. 

In this time of perceived crisis, facts and logic can take us only so far. If we are to transform crisis into opportunity a quantum leap is required. That leap will come from remembering the language of images and restoring them to their rightful place as logic's equal partner. 

When left and right brain occupy equal space in the brain, the feminine principle will make the connections the isolated masculine can't do on his own and we will remember who we truly are. New paths will appear as the feminine affirms safety and faith and the masculine says I am sufficient and available. These are the paths to the future that already exist, the poems already composed just waiting for you to comprehend that all you have to do is step on the bridge, walk out over the water and look down.


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