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“Jen Lighty is a poetry Shaman. And like all Shamans, she doesn’t give you the answer – she allows you to discover that the answer, the poetry, has been within you all along. You had only to wake up to hear it. She coaxes the poetry from your bones that you did not know was there. A kind and gentle soul and a brilliant poet, she guides you through the intricate awakenings, the magical dreamings, of your poetry-soul.” –Vernon Fowlkes, author of The Sound of Falling,

“Jen Lighty is a guide, a priestess, a mythologist, a story-teller and a scholar, Jen has spent her life preparing for her work helping others achieve transformation into their own beauty–that is, she re-introduces people to themselves and their own sacred journeys. I never understood the concept of ‘finding one’s teacher’ until I began to walk the path with Jen toward clarity, toward compassion, toward the light.” -Lisa Starr, former RI Poet Laureate and Founder of The Block Island Poetry Project 

"I love the honesty, and the humor, of how these poems live in the world. Very beautiful." -Coleman Barks

"She's done with the borrowed light of the moon. She's trying to see the real world beyond her own projections. She's trying to account for a world in which beauty and suffering are coincident. Thirsty, she moves toward greater thirst. Hungry, she enters a deeper hunger. She's trying to get lost enough to find her self. And all the while she transforms her struggle into these wonderful, delicious poems. This book is a feast."

-Li-Young Lee, author of Behind My Eyes

"Where the moon stands in as a surrogate lover to broken up with comes as an impossible metaphor, seeing that the moon will be ever with us, waxing and waning, long after we are dead. But then again, when it comes to grief, there is no rational state of mind, only foraging and fleeing into dislocated landscapes, flora and fauna both welcome and aline. Here in reflected lunar light, Jen Lighty enacts the soul's deepest struggles which emerge from lines pressured into being."

-Timothy Liu, author of Let It Ride

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